Commercial Solar Panels For Your Business


Solar 365 are specialists in commercial solar PV systems for a range of sectors – offices, garages, warehouses, hotels, manufacturing, farms or factories.

Having a solar PV system installed can help you save money on electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint and help you reach out sustainability goals. 

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Sustainable Solar Energy For Your Business

Solar PV energy is a fantastic way of cutting down the costs of electricity for your business, and can even provide 100% bill reduction. There are a range of solutions and so each proposal will be tailored around your bespoke requirements, ensuring you maximise the benefits. 

Moving to a renewable  energy source is also a great way to demonstrate your sustainability commitments to your customers, help you connect with environmentally aware clients and adds a beneficial green focus to your marketing

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We offer a completely free survey to learn and understand your requirements, assess suitability of the property and provide an initial quotation. We use industry-leading software to provide the most accurate calculations and can provide different options to help you weigh up the best way to benefit from commercial Solar PV. 


The Benefits of Solar Panels For Your Business

Installing solar panels can make a big difference to your business expenses. Whether you’re looking for a more energy-efficient alternative to cut your energy bills or want to be a more sustainable business to attract environmentally aware customers, talk to our team to arrange a no obligation FREE energy survey.

Harnessing solar power to run your business reduces the amount of energy that you use from the grid which in turn lowers your bills and you can also sell back any unused power. Solar batteries store the excess energy to power your business through the darker months and at night.


Areas We Cover

Solar PV panels for your business, home or commercial property. Solar battery, battery storage, solar energy storage throughout Yorkshire, Durham, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Sheffield, Manchester, Hull, Leicestershire & the rest of the United Kingdom.


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“I found Solar 365 very accomodating and easy to deal with, very approachable and helpful in identifying and fulfilling my business needs. The finalised quote arrived much sooner than I expected”

We got in touch with Solar 365, and have to say, from start to finish, they we extremely informative & helpful.

Luke was very thorough and explained each part of the roofing aspect of the work.

James the electrician was very approachable. After the install he gave me his number and said to call should I need any advice or have further questions.

John Allen, Business Owner

Denaby Main, Yorkshire